Metal & Ceramic Braces

Often referred to as ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ braces, they are just as relevant and effective today as they have always been.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most easily recognized and utilise stainless steel brackets and archwires to align your teeth. Archwires can be tied in place using silver-coloured elastics, to match the metal brackets, or with coloured elastics to give your smile a pop of colour!

Ceramic Braces

For patients with higher aesthetic requirements, there is the option of ‘clear’ braces. These brackets are made from tooth-coloured ceramic resulting in a less noticeable appearance. They do tend to be more brittle than their metal counterparts, so often their use is restricted to the upper arch only to avoid chewing forces.
One of the greatest benefits of braces is the ability to easily adjust the forces applied to the teeth throughout treatment. Tooth movement is not 100% predictable, as each patient is a unique individual. As such, the ability to be able to adapt to the situation and change the orthodontic mechanics easily throughout treatment is very important. With braces, changing the forces applied is reasonably straightforward and can be done the same day as your regular visit. For other appliances, such as clear aligners, this is not always as simple. If tooth movement is not tracking as planned in such cases, correction often requires a new intra-oral scan, new digital plan and the wait for another appointment to insert the new set of aligners after they arrive. Another benefit of braces is that they do not require removal when eating and drinking. However, care with what foods are consumed is necessary in order to avoid breakages that may slow down treatment progression. Their fixed presence also means that patients must be diligent with cleaning throughout treatment in order to prevent detrimental effects to the health of their teeth and gums.

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Early Intervention

Early diagnosis and treatment in certain cases can help prevent more complicated orthodontic issues from developing.

Metal & Ceramic Braces

Often referred to as ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ braces, they are just as relevant and effective today as they have always been.

Clear Aligners

Offering an aesthetic and practically invisible way to straighten your teeth, using a series of clear removable plastic trays that fit over the teeth.

Surgical Orthodontics

Corrects jaw irregularities to improve the patient’s ability to chew, speak, and breathe and for improved facial appearances.


Following any form of orthodontic treatment, regardless of the appliance used, patients will be issued with retainers.